About Us

INKANATURA is an organization that was born on December 30 2005 in San Sebastian (Spain: www.inkanat.com) hand two partners, a Peruvian and Spanish. The activity based on the import, export, distribution and final sale of products Andean Amazon is also established in Lima with the opening of an office on October 15, 2007 (Peru: www.inkanatural.com).

We are a multicultural, young and dynamic team that has decided to add force of knowledge, experience and energy to obtaining the best natural products of Andean-Amazonian biodiversity, with a firm commitment to do so responsibly and sustainably with nature and with the human being.

meaning and significance of our commitment is the social contribution through:

The recognition of our work as a value chain work with those involved in the activity from the origin to the destination of the products.

Growth and economic and social development based on respect for nature and human beings.
Establishing partnerships with fair trade based communities and commitment to social development.
Our activity requires both formal meetings with suit and tie as visits to the forest with backpack and shoes, and this gives us the opportunity to translate the needs and potential of a social reality to the other in order to cooperate in the joint growth of parts.

INKANATURA has become one of the links between the ancient peoples of the jungle and the highlands of Peru and cutting edge technological systems.

  • The spread
    of social reality of communities and their natural environment is one of the commitments we have acquired in our business methods.

    This platform is dedicated to the encounter between man and nature.
    Here you can meet in www.inkanatura.org communities, projects and the natural environment of the Inca people of today.