A organic effects, chia and other grasses grown in the Andes, certification do not need to be grown in such conditions. The weather conditions of the Peruvian Andes and crop management that give communities are themselves organic whether or not certified by official institutions. However, this is only evident to know the place, society and customs. It is precisely because of this factor that has decided visible INKANAT the type of environment and management that give chia communities we work together.

In the Andes there is a hill called Bellavista, near the Urubamba valley, with steep slopes, ravines, frequent landslides and not very good vehicle access where they live chia associated several Andean communities that grow among other herbaceous. Because of the boom that has taken in recent months this herb, many of the farmers who have been cultivating herbaceous Andean, have decided to begin the cultivation of chia by high demand associated with its properties. This change has allowed the cultivation and Inkanatura agreed a  few months ago the work of planting, cultivation and development in wildlands, from the hand of one of the associations of farmers in this place.

The hill is divided into different parts depending on the type of crop and differentiating conventional organic chakras. While it is true that the conditions at that point and organic management is still even with natural rain irrigation, which gives the security outside this hill, is finally seal the organic certifier

Promote, strengthen and work an organic crop with communities is a project that requires joint work, coordination, meetings and containment of anxiety involved farmers make an entire change set management to a market demand that from there cannot know directly. It also implies this partnership, take care of the costs associated with certification, which in most cases is only a procedure form rather than substance, since there is or not have the organic seal, crops are weather and customs, organic in nature.

INKANAT represented by its Commercial, the procedure to be followed to achieve the one hand a good product chia, whether conventional or organic, and on the other hand Manager, Omar Sanchez and his general manager and psychologist Irma Gonzales in place, a good support and containment of all the difficulties and anxieties that emerge in the association for the implementation of such projects.

The artwork tries to give visibility to collect both work in coordination with these communities and INKANAT Remil, the representative of the association of communities such as the difficulties and successes that are being achieved in this process of growing together.